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2008 MLB Predictions

AL East
1. Red Sox 95-67
2. Blue Jays 90-72
3. Yankees 83-79
4. Rays 69-93
5. Orioles 62-100

AL Central
1. Indians 99-63
2. Tigers 98-64
3. White Sox-85-77
4. Twins 74-88
5. Royals 64-98

AL West
1. Mariners 90-72
2. Angels 88-74
3. As 74-88
4. Rangers 70-92

NL East
1. Phillies 92-70
2. Mets 90-72
3. Braves 89-73
4. Nationals 69-93
5. Marlins 66-96

NL Central
1. Cubs 88-74
2. Brewers 81-81
3. Astros 80-82
4. Reds 74-88
5. Cardinals 71-91
6. Pirates 60-102

NL West
1. Diamondbacks 101-61
2. Dodgers 90-72
3. Padres 89-73
4. Rockies 86-76
5. Giants 70-92

AL MVP-Miguel Cabrera
AL Cy Young-Justin Verlander

NL MVP-Chase Utley
NL Cy Young-Brandon Webb

World Series: Diamondbacks over Mariners
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My Bracket

In the East...

I have St. Joe's taking out Oklahoma round 1.  Louisville beats Tennessee in the Sweet 16, then takes out UNC to get to the Final Four.

In the Midwest...

Villanova beats an overrated Clemson team.  Siena gets to the Sweet 16.  Wisconsin gets to the Elite 8 and loses to Kansas.

In the South...

Essentially no upsets, chalk bracket with Saint Mary's winning round 1 and Texas beating Memphis to get to the Final Four.

In the West...

Baylor beats Purdue.  Drake Beats Uconn.  West Virginia beats Duke.  Xavier soars to the Elite 8, loses to UCLA.

Texas over Kansas in the finals.  Texas is the only team that can beat Kansas so if Stanford or Memphis take Texas out, Kansas should take the championship.

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My Big Draft

I had 11th pick in my 12 team draft last night.  This is the league I care about.

C-Kenji Johjima
1B-Ryan Howard
2B-Brandon Phillips
3B-Chipper Jones
SS-Orlando Cabrera
OF-Corey Hart, Shane Victorino, Brad Hawpe
UTL-Todd Helton
Bench-Khalil Greene
Bench-J.D. Drew

SP-Brandon Webb, Josh Beckett, Justin Verlander
RP-Manny Corpas, C.J. Wilson, Jeremy Acardo, B.J. Ryan, Fernando Rodney, Justin Duchescher

Please provide insight as to how I did, and yes, I know my closers are weak.

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Brandon Phillips and Ryan Braun

During my fantasy research, I came across Brandon Phillips, ranked around twenty overall.  I believe that Phillips is grossly underrated.  This man deserves a first round pick, around 10th overall in my opinion.  Phillips is a 30/30 90/90 guy at second base!  Second base is even drier than short stop this season and a power player like Phillips will be really valuable for your team.  Take him instead of an Alfonso Soriano, or Grady Sizemore.  A strategy for those of you with late picks: get Ryan Braun and then Phillips...If you have a late pick a great OF will not be there by late round 3 (Rios is the best probably) and Braun will get OF eligibility and does just about everything.  What do you guys think about Braun and Phillips, 2 one year wonders ranked very high this year?

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Posted on: February 22, 2008 11:39 pm

I have 11th pick in my money league

I am planning to take Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder/David Ortiz.  The problem is my OF is terrible by late round 3 in a 12 team league, but guys like Soriano are perennially overrated and hes not worth taking.  Thoughts on who I should go after in the first 4 rounds? Thanks.
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Posted on: February 21, 2008 5:42 pm

Fantasy Baseball Strategy


People will tell you that drafts are won in the late roudns with sleepers.  Obviously, this is true and if you get a Carlos Pena very late or by FA, you were gold last year.  However, one can still strategize about how to approach the early rounds.  This strategy has always worked for me and now I shall share it with you all.

Power players win drafts.  By power players, I do not necessarily mean power hitters but players who beast up 3-4 categories.   Normally, power players are not speedy and you will sacrifice SB in 5x5 leagues.  Examples of power players: Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Braun, Carlos Lee, Carlos Beltran, Miguel Cabrera, Travis Hafner.  Players who are top picks that are not power players are Jose Reyes, Alfonso Soriano, etc.  These are "nice" players.  And having a power player is much more valuable than having a nice player.  People consider it a victory if they draft a guy like Todd Helton, a .310 25 hr, 80 run/rbi guy, but he is really good for nothing.

The first 3 rounds, you need 3 power players.  For example, if you have a late pick, get a combination of Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder.  Their insane numbers should carry your team in many categories, while drafting a guy like Jose Reyes only helps you in SB and runs.  If you are in a position where you cannot take a power player (by the way, power players are almost always 1b, 3b, OF) and the best player on the board is someone like Alex Rios, a nice player, dont take him.  Take the best starter left, probably someone like Bedard, Webb, Beckett, or Jonathon Papelbon.  Instead of being slightly better at one position, you can solidify your pitching with a power pitcher.

In short, take the impact players and avoid ones who are either good in one category, or are mediocre in all of them.

Here are some players I dont like early

Hanley Ramriez-without Miguel Cabrera, he'll see harder pitches, score less, steal less, not worth a top 5 pick that he is getting

Jose Reyes-already said, doesnt help avg, rbi, or hr, hes not worth it if he only contributes 2 categories

Alfonso Soriano-typical nice player, 30/30 guy with 100 runs, 70 rbi, what does that do for you with a 2nd roudn pick, all around decent but cant carry your team

Carl Crawford-decent at runs, rbi, but only great in steals

Fausto Carmona-he was gassed by october, expect a major injury

Tim Lincecinum-dont buy into the hype, this player has been overrated from the start

Dan Haren-just a hunch

Players I like this year

Miguel Cabrera-I expect him to be the AL MVP and be the consensus best fantasy baseball player, I would not hesitate to take him #2 overall (you cant pass on arod, though)

Mark Teixeira-I think he puts up 40-45 Hrs, with 130 rbi, hes a great value for early 3rd round

Travis Hafner-look for a bounceback closer to 06 numbers, 40 hrs, 100,100

Brad Hawpe-a great 2nd OF in a huge offense, he should put up 30 hrs with 90/90 and thats great in the mid roudns

Pat Burrell-he is going to have a career year, I think 35-40 hrs and 115 rbi, he could be taken very late

Edwin Encarnacion-will be a legit starter by june for fantasy leagues, i expect 35 hrs from him, but i have been saying this for 3 years now

Kelley Johnson-a late rounder who will put up Marcus Gile-ish numbers at 2b, 20 hrs with 80 rbi a good 15th roudn pick

Daisuke Matzusaka-ERA should only go down in 2nd year, 17 win guy with 200 k and is being taken pretty late for those stats

Dontrelle Willis-Detroit will be a reinassaince for him, i think hell have a 4 ERA with 18 wins

Rafeal Soriano-he will be this years JJ Putz, a great 2nd or 3rd closer

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