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2008 MLB Predictions

Posted on: March 25, 2008 3:55 pm
AL East
1. Red Sox 95-67
2. Blue Jays 90-72
3. Yankees 83-79
4. Rays 69-93
5. Orioles 62-100

AL Central
1. Indians 99-63
2. Tigers 98-64
3. White Sox-85-77
4. Twins 74-88
5. Royals 64-98

AL West
1. Mariners 90-72
2. Angels 88-74
3. As 74-88
4. Rangers 70-92

NL East
1. Phillies 92-70
2. Mets 90-72
3. Braves 89-73
4. Nationals 69-93
5. Marlins 66-96

NL Central
1. Cubs 88-74
2. Brewers 81-81
3. Astros 80-82
4. Reds 74-88
5. Cardinals 71-91
6. Pirates 60-102

NL West
1. Diamondbacks 101-61
2. Dodgers 90-72
3. Padres 89-73
4. Rockies 86-76
5. Giants 70-92

AL MVP-Miguel Cabrera
AL Cy Young-Justin Verlander

NL MVP-Chase Utley
NL Cy Young-Brandon Webb

World Series: Diamondbacks over Mariners
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Posted on: May 19, 2008 11:41 am

2008 MLB Predictions

Well it is already into the seaon a bit so lets look at those predictions.  The AL MVP ...Miguel Cabera a long shot.  Just thinking about who might be only one name comes to mind right away.. Youkillis (Weird I know).  I just looked at Stats and looks like J. hamilton from the Rangers would win if now.  As for the NL  those are right on, If those two don't win the awards then I would say this season is a disapointment.   Other wise I agree with all your other predictions exact that Boston will have the best record, and they will make in to th eWorld Series instead of Seattle.

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Posted on: March 27, 2008 12:09 am

2008 MLB Predictions

Some interesting predictions you got there...can't say that I agree with all of them but they are interesting.  I'm surprised you haven't gotten any responses from others as yet.

It will surprise me very much if the Yankees fall to third place in the East.  Their young starting pitchers will really have to "implode" for that to happen, as well as bad years from Pettitte (who currently has some back and arm issues) and Mussina (that wouldn't really be too much of a surprise, given what he did last year).  Their offense will win many games for them, as the Tigers offense will also do.  The Red Sox also have some starting pitching concerns, with Beckett's health, Schilling's health, and their young starters (Lester & Buchholtz).  The Bosox may not even win 95 games this year, especially if the Jays and Rays are improved.

In the Central, I agree it'll be a race between the Indians and Tigers but, again, I don't see either team winning as many games as you have them winning.  I think the team that wins the Central will be the team that remains healthier all year.  With Granderson starting the year on the DL, that's a concern for the Tigers.  If his finger injury has an effect on his swing after he comes back, the Tigers will be in trouble.  Also, I think the Twins will take the 3rd spot, rather than the White Sox.  Even though they have lost Santana and Hunter, Gardenhire always seems to get his team to play up to or beyond their potential.

In the West, the Angels' have some injury concerns among their SP (Lackey, Escobar) but the Mariners have to have better years from Sexton and Beltre, to name a few, if they are to beat out the Angels in the West Division.  Bedard should definitely be a positive for them, if his health is good, but the Angels offense is much better than the Mariners.  So if the Angels can get their pitching healthy and on track, I think they will win the West again.

In the NL East, the Mets won't blow it this year.  With the addition of Santana and Pedro healthy for the entire season, the Mets will win the East (and the NL pennant).  The Phils and Braves will stay close and make it interesting but the Mets win it.

In the NL Central, I agree with you that the Cubs and Brewers will be 1 & 2.  I think the Reds will finish third though - they have some good young pitching and if Jr. can stay healthy all year, they will definitely finish 3rd in the Central.  It's a toss-up between the Cards and Astros for the 4th & 5th spots.

I also agree with your West predictions, although the Rockies could finish 3rd and the Pads 4th.  I don't think the Dbacks will win 101 games either.  Their closer, Lyon, is a BIG question at this point.  He has had a terrible Spring and if he doesn't turn it around once the season starts, the Dbacks are in trouble.  I could see Pena taking over as the closer.

If Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander win the AL MVP and Cy Young, respectively, the Tigers will win the Central and also go to the World Series.

I have no problem with your NL MVP & CY picks...but it could just as easily be David Wright and Johan Santana.

I see the Mets and the Tigers in the World Series, with the Tigers winning it.

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